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Single frame, Orion

No telescope. Single frame. Fixed tripod. 24mm f/4.5 ISO800 32s Wide angle => small trail

One of the joys of digital cameras is that there is no cost for taking lots of shots. On this occasion I simply had the camera on a fixed tripod and tried various camera settings, particularly varying ISO and exposure duration.

The result shown here works well for screen display, where we only need about 1000 pixels width. Although the exposure is half a minute there are no obvious star trails. That is partly due to the wide angle lens used (24mm).

However, if I printed the image at, say, A4 size (and 300 dots per inch), the trails would be visible. A 100% view of the star cluster near the upper right edge of the photo (called the Pleiades) really looks like this:

The glow on the right edge of the main image is because the Moon was outside the shot.

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