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How to find the Andromeda Galaxy

To the naked eye the constellations stand out more (fewer stars visible)

The W-shaped constellation of Cassiopeia is easy to recognise. From the UK it is always above the horizon because it is near the pole (the direction of the Earth's axis projected onto the sky).

This photo was taken in September, soon after dark. So Cassiopeia was towards the north east and Andromeda and Pegasus were recently risen in the east. Later in the year the prominent square of Pegasus becomes more horizontal as it reaches is highest position, due south.

Find the galaxy M31 by following 2 bright stars along from the corner of the square, then going up by 2 stars.

On a dark night you should just be able to see M31 as a faint fuzziness - the furthest thing you can see with the naked eye. Binoculars or a small telescope should make it more visible.

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