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Start again - properly

Part 2 - From the ground up

If you have jumped into the course at this page and have not seen Part 1 it would be a good idea to have a quick look through that before proceeding.

Link to Part 1

At least don't miss the principles page at the end of Part 1.

In Part 1 of this course you would have seen several examples showing what it is possible to do in JavaScript and you should have picked up a smattering of the language. To use it effectively you should really study the grammar more systematically and that is the subject of this part of the course.

Part 2 is based on material that has been delivered in classroom courses lasting 3 days each in a professional environment. The content has been brought up to date, particularly to ensure it is compatible with HTML5.

It will be divided up into sub-sections:

So let us begin...

When you come to the exercises:

Since I first wrote this course most browsers have adopted what is known as the Console API. It has several useful functions you can use for debugging and testing. For example

  console.log (x);
where x is any of the variables in your code, enables you to see full details of the variable in the browser's console.

Other particularly useful functions are console.debug () and console.assert () but there are several others. For details see Mozilla's reference page about the Console.

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