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Photographing the Night Sky

by Graham Relf FRAS

Comet C/2014 E2 (Jacques) in Cassiopeia 2014 Aug 24
Canon 5D2 + 50mm lens f/1.8 ISO 6400 Fixed tripod 90 x 10s = 15.0 minutes total

This is a talk I have given many times to camera clubs and photographic societies. My aim is to encourage photographers to go out and be as amazed as I have been by what can be photographed in a dark sky using today's cameras.

There are about 100 slides in this set. I usually hide some of them, tailoring the talk to the expected audience and the time available.

Having set up my computer and projector, I usually leave this title slide on display while the audience is settling down. I hope they will be studying it. As photographers they should notice the exposure settings, perhaps being surprised at the high ISO sensitivity setting. I want them to notice the "Fixed tripod" and perhaps wonder why the stars are not therefore trailing, even in the 100%-sized inset at top left.

I start my talk by pointing out that I want to show what can be done with minimal equipment: no telescope, nor fancy guiding system to avoid star trails.

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