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Variable nebula associated with V900 Mon


V900 is the 900th known variable star in Monoceros. It has only recently been discovered to have a small nebula adjacent to it that varies in brightness. It is nothing like as obvious as Hubble's variable nebula.

 2012 Jan 22

Canon EOS 5D MkII ISO6400 37x32s
254mm Newtonian f=1200mm f/4.8
HEQ5 equatorial mount, driven but not guided
2012 Jan 22 23:10:50-23:32:30 UT
From Rookhope 54.8N 2.1W 330m asl. Rural, almost no light pollution (3 Bortles)

The right of this image is a portion of my photo. On the left is part of the display I use for finding targets at the telescope (I do not have a "go to" mount). The red cross on the left was my target, set to coordinates found from the Internet. The stars on the left go down to about magnitude 11 and those are the brighter ones, with diffraction crosses, in my photo. You can see that there is a small blurred object at the expected position. But there is also another, more obvious, blurred object a little way up from there. So I am not 100% certain of the identification yet, until I do some more research.

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